The UNBELIEVABLE Transportation Adventures in the D.R. Part 2

Hello, Friends!

I hope you enjoyed learning about our crazy transportation adventures in my previous post!  Today, I will share about three more methods of transportation in the Dominican.  I hope you enjoy!

Pirate Cars  (25 pesos… sometimes)
Pirate cars are like copycat Public Cars.  They are NOT a part of a public car association so there is no accountability.  It’s random people in their unmarked cars that drive down the streets to pick up anyone they can.  These are slightly dangerous being that they sometimes rob passengers.  We try NOT to take Pirate cars from all the horror stories we’ve heard.

Public Vans “Guaguitas”  (25 Pesos)
Guaguitas are my LEAST favorite method of transportation.  We take these to church every Sunday.  Guaguitas are tiny vans that have routes similar to Public Cars.  They squeeze up to 5 people per backseat and 3 people next to the driver.  The sliding door of the van stays open and there’s usually a guy hanging out of it yelling out the destinations for possible passengers.  After the seats completely fill up, they start piling people in to hunch over everyone, or the men hang on the side of the van like the route shouter.  Every time Osiris has to hang on the side of the van, my heart hurts a little and I just pray pray pray that nothing bad would happen!  Agh!  Just thinking about it hurts my heart!  Do you get a discount for hanging outside the van?  No.  You still get charged the same.  Also, they drive incredibly fast and furious!  (This is not an allusion to the movies.  It’s the truth.)

Riding in a Guaguita with the door wide open next to me
Riding in a Guaguita with the door wide open next to me

The Bus “Guagua”  (25 pesos)
This is a larger sized bus that follows similar but longer routes across the city.  Some of these go into the neighborhoods and are more convenient for people.  They are more spacious, and comfortable, if you get a seat.  Once the seats fill up, passengers stand in the isle.  When we lived at our old apartment, one of these Guagua routes passed right behind our building and took us about a block away from church.  It was fantastic!  We had to walk very little.  (I am pretty lazy when it comes to walking.)  That was nice.

However, when Jefte and Ashleigh and Grace were all here, we went to the beach on a Guagua.  The road to the beach was a very narrow and winding one.  Despite the narrow-ness and winding-ness of the road, the Guagua plowed through with full force!  It swayed and pushed and powered on until *PLUMP*.  What was that?!  All the passengers looked out the windows to figure out what that bump in the road had been.  Sure enough, our bus hit a motorcycle.  The bus driver stopped, got out of the bus, and upon seeing no blood or bones, he climbed back on the bus and kept on going.  Our pale faces gulped as we quietly hoped the guy on the motorcycle was alright.  

Osiris wears his "Don't Mess With Me" face in a Guaguita.
Osiris wears his “Don’t Mess With Me” face in a Guaguita.

Well, folks!  That’s all for now!  Stay tuned for MORE unbelievable Transportation Adventures with Osi & Dam in the upcoming days.  Thank you so much for reading along!


Osi & Dam!

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