The Unbelievable Transportation Adventures in the D.R. Part 3!

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated you on the Unbelievable Transportation adventures.  I’m sure you are DYING to find out the rest of them.  So here is the final Unbelievable Transportation Adventures of Osi & Dam.  Enjoy!

The OMSA Bus
The OMSA bus is a BIG GREEN bus that is quite organized.  It has designated stops along its route.  This is important.  One thing I forgot to mention about the previous modes of transport is that passengers just shout “LET ME OUT!” and the bus driver pulls over anywhere on the road and lets the passenger out.  It’s messy.  Sometimes folks get angry if they aren’t heard.  This is why the OMSA is much more organized.  Also, SOMETIMES, they have air conditioning.  You read it right, folks!!  Good ol’ A/C!  Some of them.

El Metro
This!  This!!  This is one of the most brilliant transportation methods that the city implemented only a few years back.  In fact, it’s so new that during the first month I lived here, The subway offered absolute free access to the public to encourage folks to use it.  It was nice.  There are currently only two lines, but I believe they are working on extending one line, and adding another one.  I firmly believe that if the metro grows, then the city will become much more organized and decrease the crazy street traffic by a lot!  You Americans that complain about traffic, you need to visit Santo Domingo…. Then you can reconsider.


The Cross-Country Bus
These are the buses that take you from one city to another major city in the country.  There are several companies that provide this service.  These are actually quite comfortable and clean.  They all come with air conditioning.  Many come with free wifi.  Yeah!  It’s crazy.  This is the country where you can’t get free drinking water but almost anywhere, you can get free wifi.  We have taken these many times on our cross country adventures!

A Boat
We were on a BOAT!  One time, Osiris took me to La Romana.  Off the coast of La Romana, there is a tiny island called Catalina with a beautiful beach.  So at La Romana, we boarded a small boat that took us across the sea to this island.  Half way there, the boat stopped and we had a chance to snorkel and swim around the in absolutely gorgeous crystal turquoise water.  We had a blast.

The Taxi
Finally.  My favorite.  Actually I think I said that about another one.  But I do appreciate the private taxi.  Which is just that.  A taxi.  You call it.  You battle for a better price.  It takes you places.  We use these mostly for dates and important events.  They’ve all been pretty normal.  Except for one time, a taxi taking us home thought it was okay to stop in the middle of the road at a red light and nearly killed us.  I’m so glad the cars coming directly at us were courteous enough to NOT hit us when they realized there was a car in the middle of the intersection.

In conclusion, transportation in the Dominican Republic makes for QUITE the adventure.  Tourists, missionaries, and other temporary visitors don’t often get to experience every method I’ve had the privilege of riding.  I don’t encourage it.  Which is why I’m writing it.  So that you can experience it, too, without actually putting yourself in harm’s way.  I’m so nice.


We long for heaven because no place on earth is perfect.  We long for heaven where we will be with Jesus forever.  We long for heaven where there is no need for transportation.  Because when we are with Jesus, where would we go but to Him?  He holds the words of eternal life.  We have nowhere else to go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the transportation tales!  Thanks for reading!


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