Fetching Water

I’ve lived in a world where you have to “fetch water.”

There is such a thing.

I’ve been without running water for over two weeks straight, getting creative with cold bucket showers in order to make it last a few days.

I also know what it’s like to be in the middle of cooking a meal when the stove suddenly runs out of gas for the flame.  And then having to wait until husband comes home in order to go fetch some gas for the stove.

There’s also the common occurrence of electricity going out several times a day, etc etc.

That was once my “normal”.

It was hard enough to take care of ourselves during that season.  Bucket showers get old… Let alone COLD bucket showers.  And let’s not talk about dishes & laundry when there’s no water.

So why am I writing this?  What brought all this to mind?

A few nights ago, Osiris tried a new method to bathe with Lukas, in an effort to make it more enjoyable for him.  Let’s just say there was crap everywhere.  And there was chaos and screaming and laughter (mostly me laughing) and more screaming.  It was awful and hilarious all at the same time.


It was easy to resolve much of the chaos by one simple action- turning the hot water knob.

Clean Osiris. Clean the surfaces. Clean Lukas. Calm the chaos.

Everything is back to normal in seconds.

I had such a huge moment as I turned the hot water on.  I thought how easy all this is.

Earlier in the day my mom had said to me “We didn’t have all those resources back when we had you guys.  We almost killed y’all following the advice of the elderly!”

The elderly. Now, I keep my phone nearby and if I have a question I look for the answers in BabyCenter or WhattoExpect or the CDC or the fancy baby apps and my concerns are calmed.  Last night, I sent a message via MyChart to my pediatrician and they called me this morning to set an appointment.

I have hot water.  I have electricity. All the time. My stove is electric. I have Internet.  I can flush the toilet after each use.  I can wash my hands with warm clean water & bathe my baby with it, without having to boil it first.


Praise God for this!  And Praise Him for our mothers who didn’t have one or two or all of these things and still rocked motherhood.  And praise Him for the mothers on our planet whose journey of motherhood looks NOTHING like America in 2016 and they are thriving!

We are blessed.  And I can’t imagine doing this in another world, because I know I’m not that capable.  Cause seriously, I cried the first time we ran out of water, and many times after that. Heck, I still can’t believe I’m considered capable of caring for an infant in THIS world.  We don’t know what the heck we’re doing 90% of the time.  But God has provided so much an allowed us to live in a world where functioning is easy and chaos can be solved with a turn of a knob.

And for all the above, I am eternally grateful.



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