Sleep Training

Oh. Em. Gee.

Sleep training ROCKS.

We started skeptically and fearfully sleep training Friday Morning.

The objective of sleep training for us was so that Lukas could fall asleep on his own – without eating or being rocked or being sung or being patted to sleep (etc).

Just him.  His crib.  His eyelids.  That’s it.

The first morning, for his nap, I started with his new bedtime routine and put him in his crib.  I told him what our goal was and walked out the room, closing the door behind me.

Of course he started screaming and crying and it hurt my heart.  So I went into our bedroom, closed the door, still heard the crying, walked into our bathroom in our room and closed that door, and turned the faucet on full blast.  That helped me not hear him.  After using the toilet, I started cleaning the surfaces and using every excuse to stay in the bathroom.  I had to turn the water off to finish cleaning the sink.  Once I did, I heard silence.

Nothing.  It hadn’t been over 8 minutes so I couldn’t believe the silence meant sleep.  The method I’m using calls to check on the baby and affirm him every 10 minutes until he falls asleep.  But it had only been 8 minutes.  I tiptoed out of the bathroom and bedroom and into the hall….. silence.

I quietly snuck into his room and peeped in…… there he was….. sound asleep.


For the following naps, I did the same thing.  There was immediate improvement!  There was no more crying like the first time.

The 2nd nap was just tired whining that lasted less than 5 minutes.

The following naps were similar sounds but each with less and less time.

After getting home from home group last night, Osiris and I took him to his room, checked his diaper, sang him his bedtime song, and laid him in his crib.

All Lukas did was curl his little arms into his comfortable position and closed his eyes.  He didn’t fight, he didn’t whine, he didn’t cry…… just fell asleep.

Amazing.  It’s been less than a week and he’s well on his way to better sleep.

I am so grateful for this and so grateful for my friend Lara who walked me through my whole pregnancy and now into sleep training.

It was the easiest pregnancy and has been the easiest last 3.5 months with Lukas and most of it is because I sought her thorough advice (since she just walked through this herself) and she basically told me everything she did that worked and everything she did that didn’t work and so much more.  I have followed her advice impeccably and have had the easiest time with Lukas.  I am so grateful for her, and highly encourage other new moms to find a mom that just walked through that ask for detailed advice and encouragement and just walk together into this mess called motherhood.

I love it.  I’m so grateful.

The end!IMG_5974


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