Mark 10

I was reading the devotional book that my friend Natalie gave me and today’s was based in Mark 10.  I just want to share some brief thoughts I had while reading this.

In Mark 10, Jesus is teaching to another crazy crowd of people when some folks start bringing children to him.  When the disciples see what these people are doing, they see it as an interruption, bothersome, and so, they tell them to quit that.  Jesus notices his disciples doing this and stops them and tells them to let the children come to him.

On every occasion I’ve heard or read anything on this passage, the focus is on the children, or the disciples and their attitude, or, of course, Jesus himself and his love and acceptance of children.

But I’ve never thought about these adults that were fighting the crowds to bring children up to Jesus.  Who were they?  Why were they doing this?  How long did they travel?  Where did they come from? 

Assuming they were the parents, I am blown away by the desperate desire for their sons and daughters to meet the Savior.  Can you imagine that journey?  “Are we there yet?  Why are we going there?  Do we have to???”

Yes, son, this man is our deliverer.  This man is our savior.  This man has come to seek and to save us.  This man will give us food and drink that is not of this world.  This man knows our hearts and while we are yet sinners, he loves us!!!  Yes, son!  This Jesus of Nazareth has left his throne in heaven to become like us and walk with us and live a perfect life.  He will carry our sins on the cross, he will be brutally beaten and tortured, and killed, taking our blame… and then he will conquer death and three days later, he will rise and be forever King.  He has taken our sorrow, our iniquity, and provided a way to reconcile us to our Creator- You MUST KNOW him, my son- this is my deepest desire, and I will desperately carry you through the desert, carry you on my shoulders, make this wild journey, and fight through the crowds so that you may know Him, and son, I pray that He may call you to him and you would love him all the days of your life.

Though that may be mostly speculation, I find encouragement in their example, these parents that aren’t mentioned much, that desperately wanted their children to meet Jesus.  May his spirit break our hearts for our son’s soul and help us guide him to Jesus as well.


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