Balancing Act

Life has been interesting the last couple months, to say the least.  We’ve watched Lukas grow from 4 months to 8 months (I haven’t done a good job at keeping up with this blog).  We managed to travel internationally and back (Thank God) with a 6 month old.  We caught a disease most of America is fearful of and survived.  And now here we are, finishing the summer off getting back into the routine of life and figuring out what this thing called parenthood is.


God has done a good job of reminding us of our humanity in the last few weeks.  It’s amazing what lack of sleep can do to a human body, even when we believe we are strong and young and healthy.  God reminds us we are human and our bodies require rest.

As a mom, this means it’s okay to not clean and sleep during Lukas’s nap time.  As a dad, it means it’s okay if he couldn’t finish the project that Saturday.  As a couple, it means finding a sitter and going on date night to get massages.  (Happening, tonight!)  We are human.  As working parents, it means saying “No, I can’t” to added responsibilities.  It means giving ourselves “Time Out” and remember we are human.

This parenthood thing is rough.  It’s amazing and it’s magical and it’s fun.  But it’s rough.  Not so much the being a parent part, but being a parent and a worker and a spouse and a chef and a housekeeper and a friend and a sister and a son and daughter and minister and a sleeper and a timekeeper and still wanting to be an individual, with my own brain and wit.  All of that together is a balancing act, and sometimes… sometimes I just have to drop it all and take a nap.

And that’s okay.



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