2016 – Over and Out.

Okay, fine!  I’ll write.

As I know many many many of you are eager to read how the Castillo’s year went and the hopes for the next year, I’ll write a short reflection of 2016 and um… our hopes for 2017.  

2016 was awesome and crazy.  We raised a little Lukas.  I got postpartum anxiety.  I was terrified of the outside world for a few months until the meds kicked in.  We journeyed to the Dominican Republic with a 6 month old.  We had to figure out a lot of junk in our lives and our routines and our schedules to make “three” work.  It’s been real.  Really.  Real.

I didn’t lose the “baby weight”, but at least I didn’t gain any non-baby weight.  I also didn’t lose the baby – ever – which is ALWAYS a win!  Holla!  

Both Osiris and I are loving our jobs – nobody has gotten fired quite yet, so that’s good.  We love our new apartment (sort of).  Osiris doesn’t like some minor details but we love the area and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our neighborhood.  The neighbors here are a little hard to get to know compared to our previous neighbors.  I mean, we practically have to break into their homes to even see them.  But we haven’t done that.  We got a little table to sit outside and wave at folks as they walk by.  I keep saying I’m going to bake cookies for our direct neighbors but I haven’t done that yet. #fail  I keep eating them.

Oh Osiris and I made it to 4 years of marriage a couple days ago.  By God’s grace, we’ve learned to love and serve each other well in this new season.  We continue reading scripture together and serving together.  

As for Lukas, he says “mama” and “papa” and “aga” which we think means “agua” which means water.  He loves TV remotes and laptops and really, all things technology.  He had a fantastic 1st birthday party and he loves his balloons!  


All my family came over on Christmas Day and we spent it in our home playing games and eating tamales and opening presents while FaceTiming with Osiris’s parents.  We wish they could visit!  We’ll try again for that next year.  

The only thing we didn’t do what go to Rubi’s quinceanera, but it’s okay.

As far as hopes for 2017:  

We are excited to serve as home group leaders at church.  There are so so so many people that aren’t in community in Dallas but attend our campus and we are excited to provide the space for that in our home.

We hope to visit the DR again in the summer, and hopefully get to serve on some of the mission teams that go.  I miss that.

I wanna go to Germany.

We would like a new car cause the Ford Escape is slowly disintegrating on us.

There are other big hopes that we are placing in God’s hands and praying for direction towards these steps.

And lose the baby weight. 😉

With all that said, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Castillos!




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