Most Brightest ;)

So far, there’s been moments in motherhood that are incredibly difficult and others that I would give my life to not miss.  I’m pretty sure that today alone I’ve visited both extremes of that spectrum – which isn’t uncommon since we hit the two-year-old mark. 😉 

Tonight, however, Lukas and I walked home from the parking lot holding hands.  I carried groceries in a tote over my right shoulder and held his right hand with my left.  He spoke about the “moon” and babbled on proudly about wearing his backpack.  He looked up at me with bright eyes and a charming grin.  We came into the apartment and we read a book about mice and paint while he drank his milk.  We compared green and purple, and red and yellow, and he just found it amusing!  While getting him into his pajamas, he excitedly announced the colors of the signs on his wall:  “Green!  Purple!  Blue!  Orange!”  He pointed at the dinosaur painting and roared like one loudly.  The look on his eyes was magical as he realized how well he could communicate these minor yet significant details.  I could tell he was proud of himself, and I too was incredibly proud of him.

As some might know, he has struggled with language development and language confusion.  Though we weren’t worried about it, we wanted to be proactive about his education and development.  He only spoke about 25 words when his language was assessed in mid-January.  We prayed and prayed for the door to open up to put him in a part-time preschool.  The door finally opened up and he started less than 4 weeks ago.  Within days, we started seeing progress and only 16 schooldays later, he knows most of the letters of the alphabet, most of the basic colors, can identify more objects, and can communicate his desires more clearly. 

I’m impressed, though obviously I can’t demand too much from him since today I used the phrase “most brightest”…. soooo……. yeah.  Tonight was a sweet night and I am thankful to have lived it and even more thankful that I get to be his mama and he gets to be my little boy.


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