01 month


1 Mes

  • Peso:  8.4 libras

  • Mido:  21 pulgadas

  • Me gusta:  comer, dormir encima de mami y papi, y jugar en mi gimnasio.

  • No me gusta:  cuando me cambian el pañal, cuando me bañan

  • Logros:  dormir 4 horas y media durante la noche.

  • Recuerdos:  Mi primer Navidad, Mi primer Año Nuevo

From Mommy & Daddy:

We’d love to send out a special THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us during this time.  To everyone who showed up at the hospital, everyone who has brought us meals, everyone who has prayed for us and hugged us and held Lukas.  Thank you “Besties” for the shower & gifts & presence… Thank you, Village Churchers for your endless love and prayers and meals and support… Thank you, Chomouts, for flying in to be present for the birth of Lukas… Thank you, Home Group for EVERYTHING… seriously, EVERYTHING- We would starve to death without you…. Thank you, Family Members, for your joy and support and cooking and cleaning and coming over to play with Lukas… Thank you, Alabamers, for the gifts that randomly show up in the mail!  You may be far away but you’re always very present in our lives!  We seriously have the best support system!!!  Everyone who has played a part:

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!