04.04 – The Day We Found Out

I woke up around 7am needing to pee.  I remembered the pregnancy tests we’d purchased two days before.  My period hadn’t shown up according to my tracking app on my phone.  I rolled over and poked Osiris.  He groggily opened his eyes at me, and I whispered “I’m going to pee, now.”  He closed his eyes again.  I waited a few seconds, then poked him again.  “I’m going to pee, now.”  He gazed at me, confused.  I never inform him when I’m going to use the bathroom in the mornings.  He closed his eyes again.

I patiently rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom.  I pulled the test out of the package and sat on the toilet.  Osiris walked into the bathroom and stood next to me.  Trickle trickle.  I remembered how many times before, we’d gone through this, suspecting a pregnancy.  We would wait for several minutes, staring at the test for results, and it would give none.  This time, however, immediately upon pulling the test out from under me, two lines were already present.  I didn’t even have time to wait for it like we normally did.  I didn’t even have time to hold my breath.  It was just there.  Bam!  Two lines, sucker!

Two Lines

I looked at Osiris and said “Welp.  You’re gonna be a dad.”  He said “Praise the Lord.”  I smiled and felt so much peace in my heart.  I’d waited so long for this moment.  I’d wanted this so badly.  We were filled with so much gratitude!  The moment had finally arrived!

Week 4


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