12.00 – Not So Fun

First Trimester Complete.  (or so some say.)

So far, I’ve only had one day of real morning sickness. And it was mostly in the morning, but I felt like crap the rest of the day. 

The morning after we got to Dallas from Alabama, I woke up.  Used the bathroom.  Turned right around and let it all out.  I rinsed my mouth.  Washed my face.  Faced the toilet and let it all out again.  Osiris ran to get crackers and  Gatorade.  We went to Osiris’s job interview somewhere in Dallas.  We came back to the apartment.  I let it all out again.  A couple of times.  Exactly thirty minutes before leaving for MY job interview.  Which, of course, I got turned down for.  That’s okay.  God has been doing amazing things and providing amazingly so I’m not worried.

I love my supportive husband.
I love my supportive husband.

So.  On to social aspects that SUCK about being pregnant.

  1. You can’t talk to anyone about your problems cause they automatically assume it’s hormones and not reality.

We have been going through a series of transitions in our lives over the last three months… from moving to America, to adapting to new jobs, to losing new jobs, to being homeless, to job hunting in a new city, to invading homes that aren’t ours, to driving in Texas heat in a car with malfunctioning A/C… it’s been a lot.  And I can hardly talk about it without hearing the words “hormones” or “hormonal” or “pregnancy” in the response. 

My hormones and the pregnancy had nothing to do with our previous job losing its funding and leaving us in another job hunt and in need of a home.  My hormones had nothing to do with our car’s air conditioner breaking and Texas hitting the mid-90s.  I just want to speak objectively about these things because these are the real things that are happening in my life right now.  But everyone seems to dismiss them as me being hormonal.

I would understand if I was crying all the time, and stressing out, and losing sleep, and over-worrying…. But I’m not.  I’ve been completely calm and confident 95% of the time since things started to change that God would provide.  I have gone immediately into action mode, which is how I usually am in a crisis.  I have been objective and unemotional about the job search.  I have been focused and proactive and I’m sleeping perfectly well at night. 

I just want to talk about the events in my life as I did before I was pregnant and it was normal.

Eager for a Bump!
Eager for a Bump!

Okay.  That’s all I have for now.

Besides that, I’ve been feeling great.  As far as changes and other facts?

  • Pizza gives me major heartburn.
  • I’m eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.
  • I have only gained 3 pounds.
  • My skin goes through stages of dry and not dry.
  • I’m hungry frequently.
  • I burp all the time.

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