12.02 – Physical Health. Spiritual Health.

12 weeks 2 days.

June 15, 2015

My current non-frustration frustration:

I say this because all though it’s frustrating, I don’t actually feel frustrated, which for me is weird.  This pregnancy has actually caused me more calm and tranquility than anything ever in my life.  Definitely, the Holy Spirit working within me.

Okay, on to the topic!

Taking back my Tax Dollars
Taking back my Tax Dollars

I have found a lot of cool free resources for pregnant women… everything from workout routines, symptom trackers, day-by-day information on baby’s progress, even free healthcare!  It’s amazing!!!  I have all of these things accessible to me at fingertip’s length and that is a true blessing!

But you know what is lacking in the Pregnancy Resources Department of Everywhere???  Free Spiritual and Scriptural guidance or encouragement for Pregnant Women.  There are plenty of books out there that cost $25 and up, but when I can find free excellent healthcare but no free guidance to God in my pregnancy… this is a concern and frustration.  Yes, I want to take care of my Self physically, but I also want to work out scripturally.  I’ve never been pregnant before so I’d love to learn from those that have gone before me what God taught them, what they struggled with, and how they learned to worship in this season.  There’s lots of free Christian resources out there for moms (which is wonderful cause I’m sure I’ll need it), but very few options for a pregnant woman now.

So here’s the scoop on my Scriptural life now:

Since I found out I was pregnant, I have lacked the discipline to spend time in God’s word every day.  I’m struggling by with maybe once or twice a week.  There’s a lot of reasons for it including the crazy life changes you already know about, all the instability, lack of routine, as well as exhaustion and extreme hunger.  I really love routine.  My routine has been completely thrown off and I’ve felt so lost and aimless in this area of my life. 

So I think, I’m going to pray a lot and ask God to help me develop a routine in the midst of everything changing.  I’m going to ask him to give me the discipline to sit me down and read and learn and grow close to Him through his word.  And this is not a promise, but I’m going to try to work on a devotional for this season of pregnancy.  I’m going to try really hard.

With that said, have a great day!

Pregnancy Summer Treats!
Pregnancy Summer Treats!

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