19.00 – Life’s Necessities

August 31, 2015.

19 Weeks.


Since I started working full time, I packed a banana in my lunch every day.  I would eat the banana at some point throughout the middle of the day along with my other healthy snacks.  Everything was fantastic.

Until one day.

I did not pack a banana.

Half way through the day, my eyes began to feel heavy.  My brain began to feel burned out.  My head began to feel tight.  And I just felt so tired.

The next day, I didn’t pack a banana AGAIN.

The whole thing repeated itself in my body.

That was a Friday.  The next Monday, I packed a banana.  I ate it.

Although, I wasn’t aware of it, I felt fantastic all day long.  I had energy, I felt strong, and I felt good!

The next day, I forgot a banana.  Oops.  Big mistake.

Once again, the fatigue came knocking.  I realized at that point the banana made all the difference.  The days that followed, I packed a banana and ate it.  Each day, I had a banana, I felt great.  The few days I’d forget a banana, or ran out of bananas, fatigue!

Today we bought groceries.  We bought a ton of bananas.  I love bananas.  They change my life.  They fill me with joy.  Thank you, God, for bananas!


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