20.00 – Half Way

20 weeks.

August 8th, 2015

Half.  Way.  There.


I can’t express how much I am loving being pregnant.  In spite of the few difficult days, I am loving this time in my life.  I have just the right amount of energy to do IMG_1724the things I should do each day (as long as I have a banana).  I am learning to depend more on Osiris for the things I can’t do.  I am seeing how much he loves taking care of me and that makes me fall in love with him more.  I love watching my body changing in the mirror.  I love how I feel in my body.  I feel beautiful and sexy and strong.  It’s just like Shania Twain said “Man, I feel like a woman.”  But in a different context than she describes.

I’m almost a little sad that I’ve reached the half-way point.  This means it’ll be over soon.  But I’m also happy and excited to meet the little guy growing inside of me.  I wonder what on earth he’ll look like.  Will he look Mexican?  Will he look Dominican?  Will he have blue eyes????  I know that sounds crazy and absurd that I even ask.  You think I’m joking, but one of his grandmas has blue eyes.  I’ll let you guess which one.


The few downturns this week have been:

  • Night sweats.  Nasty.
  • Lower left-side back pain. No more heels.  😦 
  • Increasing dryness of skin. Over my wrists and my chin skin are super duper dry! 

Besides that, I’m good.  Happy, happy, happy.


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