23.05 – Movement

September 3rd, 2015

23 weeks.  5 days.

Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad

Today I experienced a great milestone!

This afternoon, at work, after eating strawberries, I sat at my desk and felt little Lukas moving around in my belly.  I felt him move so much that it caused me to look down at my belly.  When I did, I could see my belly moving up and down where he was kicking.  I got so excited!  I just stared while he continued kicking.

Too late, I reached for my phone to make a video for Osiris.  By that time, little Lukas had calmed down and stopped moving around as much.

I tried to show Osiris after we both got home from work.  Lukas wasn’t kicking as hard as he was after strawberries but he still managed to get a good kick in so his daddy could see.

It’s so funny how my belly looks when I contract my abdominal muscles. As I was lifting weights this afternoon, my abdomen contracts and my round belly turns into a cone, and you can see where the baby actually is.  It’s so cool!

I love it!

Lukas & his favorite animal
Lukas & his favorite animal

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