24.06 – Reactions

September 11, 2015

24 weeks.  6 days.

This week has been so much fun, getting to see my belly move when Lukas kicks.  Sometimes, it’s soft, and other times it’s realy hard and it totally catches me by surprise.  It’s fun.


What has also been fun is the reactions I’m getting now from people.  In the last couple of weeks, it was a night and day difference.  One day, people would just eye me like they didn’t know if I was just fat or really pregnant.  The next day, it was bold “You’re belly is beautiful!  How far along are you?!”

Since I normally sit at a desk while helping students or their friends and family IMG_2006members, most people don’t realize I’m pregnant.  However, as soon as I stand to reach the copy machine, they always gasp with delight and congratulate me.  I also think that is the wonderful thing about working with foreigners.  They all are so expressive and come from cultures that tend to hold pregnant women to high esteem.  I’m totally milking the special treatment as many try to help me with little things I can totally do myself.

Americans, on the other hand, aren’t as bold, but still say funny things that make me laugh.  As we were checking out at WalMart, the cashier looks me up and down and says, “Oh! He got you in trouble!”  I just laugh and clarify that it’s the good kind of trouble.

At Braums, we were ordering ice cream in line, and I had already told one of the employees my order, but another kid approaches me, all awkward and smiley, “What are you having?”  I said “Cookies and cream, but I already gave him my order.”  (which is kind of appropriate and ironic, now that I think of it.)  The boy just looked at me, still smiling awkwardly, and says “Oh… I meant a boy or a girl.”  Then he apologized profusely, thinking that his assumption had been incorrect.  I couldn’t help but laugh and assure him that I was indeed having a baby and that it was a boy.  Poor kid.

It’s been fun y’all.  Tomorrow, I’ll be 25 weeks.  15 more to go, and I’m loving every minute of it!

Osiris has been practicing carrying babies with the Pumpkins.
Osiris has been practicing carrying babies with the Pumpkins.

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