37.05 – Counting Down


Hi!!!  Here’s a basic update on what’s going on this week.


  • Pelvic pressure is getting stronger and increasing in frequency.  Had so much pain yesterday, I had to wait for Osiris to come home to help me get out of the car.
  • Contractions?  I’ve felt some of those, they were pretty painful but not consistent enough to send me to Labor & Delivery.IMG_3155 (1)
  • Not really dilating yet (as of Monday).


  • He’s been head down for the last few months now.  Still is.  Most of my pelvic pressure is from him nodding or turning his head.  I can actually feel him turning his head like he’s saying “Nooooo” inside my pelvis.
  • According to my weekly measurements, he’s weighing approximately 7 pounds.  Eek!!!!
  • He moves… A LOT.  My belly’s shape is visibly and constantly changing due to his movement level.


  • I’m feeling “fine”, generally.  I do get tired or sleepy and we’ve been doing a lot and only getting some rest at night.
  • I get up to pee a couple times during the night.  2 is better than 5.
  • Exercise:  I ran/walked about 2 miles on Sunday.  I felt so good afterwards.  I’m trying to continue exercising but it’s been hard since we have different activities planned for each evening of the week.


  • He’s awesome.  He’s excited.  He’s helpful.
  • He’s been an amazing husband and I’m very grateful for that.
  • He takes me out to eat, makes my tea, tries to do anything that will make me do less!
  • He loves talking to Lukas and telling him how special he is to us and how much we love him.

Okay- that is all.  See ya!