39.00 – Lights. Camera. …


Beginning Thursday night, shortly after midnight, the change began.  First I woke up with the need to pee.  When I tried falling back asleep, I was faced with a clenching sensation in my abdomen.  It felt like cramps, moving up and down from my upper abdomen to my knees.  I hadn’t felt anything like it the last 9 months.  After about 45 minutes, I was able to fall asleep.

Around 5am, I was shockingly awakened by a muscle spasm in my right calf (also known as a charlie horse).  After a few seconds of panic, I remembered Osiris’s trick and I stretched out my calf to make it stop.  I had to pee again so I got up and quickly came back to bed.  

Moments after crawling back in bed, I felt the clenching cramps moving up and down my body again.  This time, it was stronger than before.  I had to coach myself to breath.  After about 20 minutes of it, I grabbed Osiris’s hand and we had to tell me how strong I was and to relax.  It was painful.  At first, I was naturally compelled to fight the pain.  But I remembered the pain of running long distances and tough workouts and my body switched to athlete mode.  I started welcoming the pain.  The more I welcomed it, the more I relaxed and the stronger I felt.  After about an hour of this, I was able to fall back asleep.

Friday, I was sore.  So sore.  Like when you work out a muscle and you’re super sore the next day.  Like that.  

I had contractions throughout the day, but insisted on following through with all planned activities.IMG_3316

It wasn’t till we got back home after 10pm that Osiris and I were watching some TV, that I felt the tightening become more frequent and uncomfortable.  Closer to midnight, I told Osiris what I felt so I called the nurse line.  Usually, when I call the nurse line, it’s a female and she’s able to walk me through whatever I’m feeling and tell me what I’m supposed to feel or experience before seeking medical attention.  This time, it was a man and he was slow and frustrating.  He just heard my symptoms and told me to go to Labor & Delivery immediately.  

I went in at midnight.  I was monitored for about an hour.  I hadn’t dilated more than a centimeter, but they confirmed my contractions.  I really didn’t know what I feeling were contractions.  Everyone seems to describe it in so many different ways, I had no idea what was happening to me and I didn’t even want to call them contractions.  But it looks like they were.

Thankfully, they also confirmed Lukas’s strong movements and heartbeat.  He appears to be healthy and active and in proper placement.

As for us, it was good to go in and become familiar with the process.  It’s good to know what to expect, where to park, what it’ll be like, etc etc…


Okay, done for now…. See ya!